European Championship SSCX 2014 Ede, NL

15-16 March 2014



We have limited number spaces (about 100), but we have no idea how many people will be able to come. We will have spots for every country, so when then number of registrations exceeds 100 and someone from Iceland decides to enter, that rider will be in for sure.

Registration cost is 15 Euro, not sure yet what you will get for this, but you will receive some goodies. Payment will be done through paypal or bank transfer. We will contact you about this once registered.

How to register:
- send an email to sscx2014 at gmail dot com
- include your real name and country

If we need additional info we will contact you.


The program for the weekend, more or less, is:

Saturday March 15th

13:30 Group ride with coffee stop
Evening: Have a drink in town

Sunday march 16th

12:30 First Qualifier
After that more riding

Hope to hear from you all!

Contact and info:

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